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The Targeted Employment Areas (TEA) for EB-5 Green Card Applicants

By April 18, 2024EB-5 Visa
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The EB-5 Green Card program offers a unique pathway for investors to gain permanent residency in the United States. A critical aspect of this program is the concept of investing in a Targeted Employment Area (TEA), which can significantly reduce the financial threshold required for investment. This blog post delves into what TEAs are, their benefits, and why they are essential for EB-5 applicants.

What is a Targeted Employment Area (TEA)?

A TEA is designated as either a rural area or an area experiencing high unemployment. The primary goal of a TEA is to encourage investment in regions that need economic stimulation. Here’s a closer look at the two types of TEAs:

  • Rural Areas: These are areas not within a city or town with a population of 20,000 or more, and not part of a metropolitan statistical area.
  • High Unemployment Areas: These are areas with unemployment rates at least 150% of the national average.

Reduced Investment Requirement

One of the most appealing aspects of investing in a TEA is the reduced investment requirement. While the standard investment for an EB-5 Green Card is $1,050,000 million, investing in a TEA lowers this requirement to $800,000. This reduction makes the EB-5 program accessible to a broader range of investors.

Reserved Visas

A significant advantage of locating an EB-5 business in a TEA is the reservation of visas for these projects. Annually, 20% of EB-5 visas are set aside for projects in rural areas, and 10% are reserved for projects in high unemployment areas. This reservation can be crucial for applicants from countries facing significant backlogs, offering a faster route to residency.

The Importance of TEAs in EB-5 Applications

Investing in a TEA not only benefits the investor with a lower financial threshold but also supports the economic development of underprivileged areas. It’s a win-win situation where investors can achieve their immigration goals while contributing to the economic growth of areas in need.


The EB-5 Green Card program’s inclusion of TEAs offers a strategic advantage for investors looking to immigrate to the U.S. By understanding the nuances of TEAs, investors can make informed decisions that align with their immigration and investment goals. If you have questions about how to navigate your EB-5 application or the specifics of investing in a TEA, our team is here to help. Utilize our free resources and schedule a consultation to explore your immigration options.

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