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Entity Set Up

One of our Key Business & Corporate Services is New Business Entity Set Up

The choice of business form has significant tax, financial and liability implications that you should carefully consider with your attorney.  Your choice of business form can impact:

  • personal liability for claims against your business
  • your ownership rights
  • the ease or difficulty of transferring your ownership rights
  • your right to manage the day-to-day business activities
  • the tax treatment of your business
  • your ability to finance the business
  • your ability to terminate your business
  • and many other critical business decisions

We will start by advising you on which business form makes the most sense for your business and then guide you through the process of setting up the business form you select including:


We can assist you with general and limited partnership agreements, certificates and amendments of limited partnerships, business certificates, assignments of interest of partnership property, agreements to dissolve partnership and more.


We can assist you with articles of organization and amendments, operating agreements, articles of dissolution and more. We can assist you if you are one owner or multiple owners.


We also can set up a Corporation including Certificates of Incorporation, by-laws and amendments, shareholders’ agreements, corporate minutes, certificates of dissolution, and other corporate compliance documents.


Scott Legal, P.C. was featured by the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) and the NYSBA published our paper on selecting a business entity.