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What Others Say About Us

Our customers and other lawyers say great things about us. Check out our testimonials. Also, while we cannot predict the outcome of any case and prior results do not guarantee or predict a similar outcome, we have had a great success rate on our investor and other immigration petitions. You can also see our 10 out of 10 rating on AVVO, a leading lawyer rating agency where over 100 five star reviews have been posted.

I hired Ian Scott in August 2014 for a Visa application to open RISE Sport Performance Training in Tucson, AZ. Right from the consultation, it was obvious that Mr. Ian Scott had expertise with regards to the Visa application process. For example, he explained the difference in Visa types and the consulates. As well, it seemed like he truly cared and was trustworthy. For example, he asked me several questions to ensure that I did (or could) meet the criteria before suggesting that I apply for the E2 Visa. Throughout my whole Visa application process, Mr. Scott provided an expertise service and was prompt, supportive, and courteous.

I was provided with a thorough questionnaire and guided throughout to build what I believe was the best case possible. Right when I was about to schedule the interview, the Vancouver consulate had changed procedures and I was quite nervous and frustrated. Anytime I voiced concern, Mr. Scott promptly replied and his emails were always reassuring and positive, yet realistic (not providing false hope or information, for example). His firm provided me with a very well organized and comprehensive case. I was also prepped for the interview. I attended my interview feeling extremely prepared and confident. In fact, the pre-screening officer commented on how well organized and prepared I was, and was impressed that the documents were sent in ahead of time after most missed a recent change in policy…stating “you have a good lawyer.”

My case was successful with an investment of $54,000. Mr. Scott was amongst the first I told. I enjoyed working with Ian and could not even imagine using a different lawyer for the renewal process. I will definitely hire Ian for the renewal.

Tammy V.Vancouver, Canada

I cannot recommend Mr. Scott’s services enough. Our company was looking to open a subsidiary in the United States, and Mr. Scott guided us through every step, from company creation to obtaining of an E2 visa. Mr. Scott was extremely knowledgeable and responsive. As a lawyer myself, I was truly impressed by the quality of his services. Our visa file was so complete and well organized that on the day of my interview the immigration officer only talked to me for a few minutes before granting my visa for 5 years (the maximum period allowed for an E2 visa). I highly recommend Mr. Scott’s services to any foreign entrepreneur looking to set up a business in the United States.

T.B.Paris, France

I first contacted Ian to handle my E-2 Visa Application, but decided to hire him also for my legal entity set up and drafting my business plan. This proved to be the best decision I could have taken for this process, as his strong (work and academic) background in both business and legal matters proved to be helpful and insightful during the time he handled my case. So much so, that I even ended up hiring him to handle my LLC Publication as well.

Overall, he was very through, understanding, responsive and honest. He always gave me complete answers from both a legal and business perspective, and never tried to sugar coat the truth, which I greatly appreciated. The application that the consulate received was very detailed and complete, which I feel was the reason why my appointment went by so smoothly and short. After around 10 minutes, my visa for a small fashion business was approved for 5 years, with an investment of less than $60,000.

I couldn’t recommend Ian and his firm enough, and I look forward to keep working with him.

Maria P.Spain

I would highly highly recommend Ian Scott of Scott Legal, P.C. as one of the FINEST and MOST COMPETENT Immigration Attorneys in the US. I was particularly impressed with Ian Scott’s professionalism, thoroughness and proficiency on all types of immigration issues. Ian Scott was always accessible to answer the many questions we had and ensured we were kept abreast of the steps during the entire process. My experience was painless and my expectations were certainly surpassed. Scott Legal, P.C. is without a doubt, reliable and very expeditious. If you want SUCCESS in your case, then chose the EXPERT in the field – Scott Legal, P.C. Its level of success is unprecedented.


Mr. Scott and his firm assisted me with my business start-up and drafted my complex operating agreement for a multiple partner LLC. They did an excellent job helping me decide between a corporation and an LLC and also guided me through the capital raising processes. The firm explained all of the aspects of raising capital and thoroughly explained our complex member agreement. Mr. Scott was also able to work with the multiple partners and facilitated an easy working relationship. I have since referred several clients to him and will continue to do so.

Craig S.LLC Construction Business Owner - New York

My husband and I are preparing to apply for an E2-Visa and I must admit that our decision to do so had a lot to do with Ian Scott. He has been critical in advising us on the best option to pursue given our unique situation. Whenever we have questions or general concerns Ian has always been available to respond to us in a short time and always provides clarity on the matter. He has sent us numerous articles, about E2 visas an information about opening a business in the US. He has made a complex issue become manageable to us. We could not have gotten this far without his expertise and experience. We highly recommend his services to anyone with an immigration issue.

Michelle A.Canada

Ian and his team have been simply superb. Their efforts coupled with Ian’s precision and persistence have made this application process a success. His experience and consultations are second to none. A heartfelt thank you!

Craig A.Island in the Caribbean

Thank you very much for handling my E-2 visa application. With the help and support of your firm, I was able to get an approval with a relatively small investment amount and without receiving any request for further evidence. Your firm was professional, competent and consistently responsive to any questions I had throughout the process. I would highly recommend you when someone has the need in the future.


Ian is an extremely talented lawyer and I would highly recommend him for any immigration inquiries. His responsiveness and client service exceeded my expectations. I am also very pleased with the quality and thoroughness of his advice, as well as reasonable rates.

H-1B Immigration ClientNew York

I loved working with Ian. He was EXTREMELY thorough, flexible, responsive and I felt I was in terrific hands. I had many suggestions based on my own personal experience dealing with contracts and Ian worked with me to incorporate all the changes I requested. The output doc (contractor agreement) was just rock solid.. would definitely hire him again. Pretty awesome guy, pretty awesome work!

R.G.Tech Startup Client – India

Attorney Ian Scott is an outstanding attorney with not only impeccable credential but an incredible reputation. He is a strong and zealous advocate for his clients with both practical and theoretical experience giving his clients the best of both worlds along with a world class academic record, he is truly one of the best attorneys in the U.S.


Ian Scott has an impressive educational and professional background, and I am honored to endorse him, particularly for his superior knowledge of new business set-ups as well as his sincere commitment to his clients and generous assistance to his colleagues.

C.V.SouthPark, P.A.

Ian is rethinking the traditional law firm model in a way that makes better sense for clients.


I have known Ian since he established his practice. he is a very careful, ethical and competent immigration attorney. I rely on him as a trusted referral.

M.D.New York

Attorney Scott is an outstanding attorney with not only impeccable credential but an incredible reputation. He is a strong and zealous advocate for his clients with both practical and theoretical experience giving his clients the best of both worlds along with a world class academic record, he is truly one of the best attorneys in the U.S.


Mr. Scott is a very competent diligent attorney. My work experience with Mr. Scott has always been an exercise in precision and in narrowing down the issues so that legal problems can be solved thoroughly. I am always confident in his work and in his ability to interact with clients.


Top-notch attorney. Highly respected in the legal community.


Ian Scott is an excellent attorney. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his immigration practice. Mr. Scott is able to leverage his understanding of complex United States immigration law to achieve wonderful results for his clients. I highly recommend Mr. Scott to anyone who needs immigration assistance.

E. StewardNew York, NY

Ian was calm, patient and extremely attentive and responsive. I bombarded him with questions and he always remained professional and took great care to ensure that queries were answered to me in details. Whether it was through a quick email or a phone call, Ian was always available and prompt whenever I needed him. He was there to answer all my legal questions, or just to assure me that things were in order. I’m very thankful to Ian, and I highly recommend him to all my friends who need an immigration attorney. You simply can’t go wrong with him.

Somon K.New York – Green Card

The moment I began utilizing Scott Legal, P.C., they put my mind at ease. They assisted me with all of my business needs and were very professional and informative. They take a client focus that I rarely see and I would not hesitate recommending them. Thank you Scott Legal, P.C. for starting my company off on the right path.

Naomi F.Canada, Business Entity Set Up

I retained Ian Scott to draft a few legal documents for my family. He was incredibly helpful and professional and I would highly recommend his services.

H.I.New York, Contract Drafting

From the initial phase of my case through to the conclusion (a decision strongly in our favor) Ian was on top of everything. He listened attentively when it was time to listen, and he spoke assuredly when it was time to speak. What was perhaps most impressive about Ian in the preparation phase was his strategic clarity with respect to the aspects of my case that were to be focused upon, and those that were not. He guided me through a simple, powerful plan of communication. I was thoroughly prepared for every single question that I would be asked, and yet at no time did I ever feel intimidated or overwhelmed. I felt confident. I felt ready. Ian explained the process, the strong points, the weak points, and the points that could be taken either way. Ian researched the entity that was on the other side of the case as well as all aspects of the proceedings that might come into play. He told me how he would direct the aspects of the proceedings that were within his power to direct, and he told me different ways in which he would respond when it came to certain things that are beyond the direct control of any lawyer (such as possible things that may or may not be introduced/claimed by the other side). It was most comforting to hear the depth with which he had thought things out. And I loved that while he had notes, he wasn’t constantly referring to them, as he seemed to have memorized everything! He had notes, but he was clearly ready to go without them. As the actual case played out, it was impressive to experience things taking shape precisely as he said they would. During the case, there were moments when I had to hold back laughter, as Ian’s style of communication was what I can only describe as devastatingly minimalist… On one hand, he gave the opposition absolutely nothing to work with, and on the other hand, when he did make a point or ask a question, it was done in such a way that the opposition was damned if they did and damned if they didn’t… Almost anything they could have said in response would have sounded bad, and yet if they said nothing at all then that would have looked even worse. It got to the point where the opposition actually began nodding in agreement/concession when certain points were made by myself and/or Ian. The opposition had been thoroughly outplayed, particularly impressive seeing as how some aspects of my case could have been interpreted in more than one way. From the beginning and with a very concise delivery, Ian was able to establish and reinforce an interpretation of the facts that was advantageous to our winning of the case. Simply put, via preparation, expertise and his ability to deliver when things actually got under way and the pressure was on, Ian was brilliant.

JamesN.Y. – Employment/Business Matter

I had a great experience using Scott Legal. I found Mr. Ian Scott to be a true professional in every way and his client relation skills was wonderful which made the whole experience even more pleasant and enjoyable. Mr. Scott was upfront and clear about the entire process and this enabled me to understand my options better. I was very happy with the level of patience, courtesy and professional service I got and will be doing future business with him. For anyone looking for a honest lawyer who can take care of their business and explain the process in details until you fully understand what’s happening, Ian Scott is your attorney.

N.S.Canada – New Business Set Up

Ian assisted me with my EB-5 visa application, providing insightful advice with options and their pros and cons that I should consider, so I felt very comforted that I was making an informed decision with someone who was very experienced in this field. He’s very knowledgeable and professional, and went out of his way to send me additional related articles that he and others have written on the topic, and proactively kept me up-to-date on status. His organizational skills and business acumen that he brought to the table made me feel that I was in the right hands, and that I was working with a reliable, trustworthy expert in this field. I would highly recommend him.

Ms. YueHong Kong, Immigration

Ian was fantastic. He walked us through the entire process of getting a green card for my husband. He was very patient with all of our questions and took the time to explain the process in laments terms. He provided us with assurance with out making false promises. He was very responsive with timely communication. Ian has a calmness about him that really helped me stay calm and positive about the process. I would highly, highly recommend Ian.

Angel S.New York, Immigration

I was referred to Ian Scott and it was the most pleasant experience. From the first time I spoke with Mr. Scott he immediately put me at ease. His legal advice and expertise made me better educated in dealing with Canadian immigration and Boarder Patrol. I was denied entry without any justifiable cause and later that day I was permitted to enter the Country. With his legal advice he has helped me understand my rights. Since receiving Mr. Scott’s legal advice I have not had any issues in any way. He was very prompt in responding to all of my questions or concerns. I would highly recommend anyone to use Mr. Scott for legal council due to his high level of professionalism, expertise and dedication. Thank you Ian Scott!.

Alvin F.Toronto, Immigration

A rarity in the Legal Profession. After my initial consultation with Ian, I thought he’s either a very good actor or a rarity in the legal profession. In a world where lawyers generally have a slick reputation, Ian has shown to be compassionate without the sanctimonious approach or over inflated sense of self importance many attorneys can present. He approaches the profession with reasonable fees, as well as being a great listener, and a consummate gentleman. Adding his Harvard Law Degree and Wall Street experience to the mix, it’s a pleasure to recommend him.

Tom N.New York, Contract Drafting

Ian Scott helped us during a very difficult time providing sound legal advice. He took the time to fully understand our situation and was always available to answer questions or provide comments. Scott Legal provided us with the expertise we needed.

Lawrence D.New York, Contract Drafting & Negotiation

In my business, my success depends in part on the expertise and outside resources I can share with my clients. Whenever a client or I need expert legal advice and service I turn to Ian Scott. Ian Scott has been a vital and valuable resource to me over the years. Whether day or evening, I have been fortunate to have Ian always ready and willing to give his valued expertise.

EntrepreneurNY Client – Les L.

Thank you very much for handling my E-2 visa application. With the help and support of your firm, I was able to get an approval with a relatively small investment amount and without receiving any request for further evidence. Your firm was professional, competent and consistently responsive to any questions I had throughout the process. I would highly recommend you when someone has the need in the future.

E-2 Visa ClientNew York, Immigration

Ian handled my E2 visa process from start to finish. All round, Ian provided a service that went well beyond expectations. Furthermore, it was a real pleasure to work with someone who was polite and well mannered during an inevitably arduous process.After talking to many lawyers and comparing my options, Ian was the most polite and professional from our first phone call. What you want with any immigration case (or any other legal matter), is a great lawyer, not a disingenuous salesman (of which there are many in NYC unfortunately!). Many bulk business lawyers are clearly disinterested in your case and gloss over any details. From our first conversation Ian was upfront about any potential problems and willing to talk about details rather than avoiding them. He was also upfront and fair when it came to pricing.In terms of execution, everything was handled perfectly and my visa was obtained exactly as expected.Plenty of lawyers will deliver when it comes to getting your visa approved but when it comes to quality of service, Ian is exceptional.

EliotMobil App Start Up – New York

When looking for the right lawyer to assist with my E-2 Visa application I did a lot of research…narrowed my choice down to a couple lawyers, and after talking with Ian the first time I knew he was the right choice. And I was right.
Ian is very knowledgeable, approachable, friendly and answered all of my questions (whether by phone or email) quickly and competently.
He has a well organized system in place for ensuring his clients know exactly what to do and what to send him so he can prepare their application and all required documents.
The blog his firm maintains on their website is also very helpful and I highly recommend reading it if you have any doubts of how well-informed they are about this type of visa.
My E-2 application was approved this week for five years, without a request for additional information. The interview at the Consulate lasted only five minutes. I think I was the most prepared applicant in the room as I sat with my 100+ page binder in my lap that he and Kelly prepared.


Absolutely brilliant service, start to finish. We were provided with a very clear detailed process that we followed to the letter, and we were very pleased with the quality and clarity of our submission, which made the officiating visa office’s task of reviewing our application very easy, clear to see the benefits, and we are very pleased we were successful in our application (first time).
I would highly recommend Ian and his assistant Kelly, for their legal and practical knowledge, as well as exceptional client service – including timeliness of responses and clarity when responding. If you are looking to make a visa application, I would also recommend using a lawyer of Ian and Kelly’s standing, because this is a very technical area of law which needs to be adhered to, to the letter – from a current (non-practicing) corporate lawyer, even I would have had difficult ensuring everything was included as professionally and as succinctly as Scott Legal Inc. did.


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