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Scott Legal, P.C. is a New York based law firm founded by Harvard Law School graduate & Attorney Ian E. Scott. We are an Immigration and Business Law Firm & provide legal services in Business Immigration for Investors & Employment, Family Based and Other Immigration Services, New Business Set-Up, Entrepreneurial Support, and Contract Development. We also provide InHouse General Counsel services for small and mid-sized businesses.  Some of our clients are investor that start a business in the U.S. and require an investor visa and business support. We are here to help you with all of your immigration and business needs.  We have over 100 Five Star Reviews and a long list of publications in major media.

Immigration Services

Scott Legal, P.C. was founded on an E-2 Investor Visa so we know what you are going through.  In fact, our founder has personally held TN, H-1B, F-1, B-2 and E-2 visas.  Our immigration practice covers all areas of Immigration Law including the various Investor Visas (E-2, L-1, EB-5,), Employment Visas (TN, H-1B, E-3, O-1) Employment Green Cards (EB-1, EB, 2, EB-3), Family Based Green Cards, as well as waivers and humanitarian immigration.  We are EB-5 Verified by EB-5 Investor Magazine, and our founder is a frequent speaker for advanced E-2 Visa panels.  Our staff also sit on various American Immigration Lawyer Association (AILA) committees.

Business/Corporate Services

Scott Legal, P.C. provides counsel to business owners and founders of new enterprises at various ranges of development in New York and we offer a full range of legal services, including entity set-up, investor agreements, business plan drafting, consultant and independent contractor agreements, contract drafting, due diligence services and purchase/sale agreement drafting in New York.  We have a Certified Public Accountant (C.P.A.) a Chartered Accountant (C.A.), a Certified Financial Analyst, (C.F.A.), a Certified Financial Planner (C.F.P.) and M.B.A. on staff and are ready to help.  We have drafted hundreds of business plans and have set up entities in most States.


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Our Approvals And Firm Wins


I hired Ian Scott in August 2014 for a Visa application to open RISE Sport Performance Training in Tucson, AZ. Right from the consultation, it was obvious that Mr. Ian Scott had expertise with regards to the Visa application process. For example, he explained the difference in Visa types and the consulates. As well, it seemed like he truly cared and was trustworthy. For example, he asked me several questions to ensure that I did (or could) meet the criteria before suggesting that I apply for the E2 Visa. Throughout my whole Visa application process, Mr. Scott provided an expertise service and was prompt, supportive, and courteous.

I was provided with a thorough questionnaire and guided throughout to build what I believe was the best case possible. Right when I was about to schedule the interview, the Vancouver consulate had changed procedures and I was quite nervous and frustrated. Anytime I voiced concern, Mr. Scott promptly replied and his emails were always reassuring and positive, yet realistic (not providing false hope or information, for example). His firm provided me with a very well organized and comprehensive case. I was also prepped for the interview. I attended my interview feeling extremely prepared and confident. In fact, the pre-screening officer commented on how well organized and prepared I was, and was impressed that the documents were sent in ahead of time after most missed a recent change in policy…stating “you have a good lawyer.”

My case was successful with an investment of $54,000. Mr. Scott was amongst the first I told. I enjoyed working with Ian and could not even imagine using a different lawyer for the renewal process. I will definitely hire Ian for the renewal.

Tammy V. - Vancouver

Mr. Scott assisted me with my EB-5 visa application, providing insightful advice with options and their pros and cons that I should consider, so I felt very comforted that I was making an informed decision with someone who was very experienced in this field. He’s very knowledgeable and professional, and went out of his way to send me additional related articles that he and others have written on the topic, and proactively kept me up-to-date on status. His organizational skills and business acumen that he brought to the table made me feel that I was in the right hands, and that I was working with a reliable, trustworthy expert in this field. I would highly recommend him and his firm.

Ms. Yue - Hong Kong

Absolutely brilliant service, start to finish. We were provided with a very clear detailed process that we followed to the letter, and we were very pleased with the quality and clarity of our submission, which made the officiating visa office’s task of reviewing our application very easy, clear to see the benefits, and we are very pleased we were successful in our application (first time)

Simon - U.K.

I I first contacted Ian to handle my E-2 Visa Application, but decided to hire him also for my legal entity set up and drafting my business plan. This proved to be the best decision I could have taken for this process, as his strong (work and academic) background in both business and legal matters proved to be helpful and insightful during the time he handled my case. So much so, that I even ended up hiring him to handle my LLC Publication as well.

Overall, he was very through, understanding, responsive and honest. He always gave me complete answers from both a legal and business perspective, and never tried to sugar coat the truth, which I greatly appreciated. The application that the consulate received was very detailed and complete, which I feel was the reason why my appointment went by so smoothly and short. After around 10 minutes, my visa for a small fashion business was approved for 5 years, with an investment of less than $60,000.

I couldn’t recommend Ian and his firm enough, and I look forward to keep working with him.

Maria P. - Spain

El Sr. Ian Scott es un excelente abogado, un amigo me recomendó a el y fue lo major que me hubiese pasado. Tenia problemas migratorios y el Sr Scott me ayudo a conseguir mi objetivo, que era permanecer en este país. El Sr. Scott habla español y eso fue fundamental para mi caso ya que el me explico en lengua que yo podía entender. Si quieren un abogado a quien confiar por su honestidad y profesionalismo el Sr. Scott es alguien quien no le defraudara. Estoy muy agradecido con en Sr.. Scott y por eso le recomiendo totalmente.

P.C. - Equador & Canada

Mr. Scott and his firm assisted me with my business start-up and drafted my complex operating agreement for a multiple partner LLC. They did an excellent job helping me decide between a corporation and an LLC and also guided me through the capital raising processes. The firm explained all of the aspects of raising capital and thoroughly explained our complex member agreement. Mr. Scott was also able to work with the multiple partners and facilitated an easy working relationship.  I have since referred several clients to him and will continue to do so.

Craig S. - New York

A rarity in the Legal Profession.  After my initial consultation with Ian, I thought he’s either a very good actor or a rarity in the legal profession. In a world where lawyers generally have a slick reputation, Ian has shown to be compassionate without the sanctimonious approach or over inflated sense of self importance many attorneys can present. He approaches the profession with reasonable fees, as well as being a great listener, and a consummate gentleman. Adding his Harvard Law Degree and Wall Street experience to the mix, it’s a pleasure to recommend him.

Tom N - New York

Ian was calm, patient and extremely attentive and responsive. I bombarded him with questions and he always remained professional and took great care to ensure that queries were answered to me in details. Whether it was through a quick email or a phone call, Ian was always available and prompt whenever I needed him. He was there to answer all my legal questions, or just to assure me that things were in order.  I’m very thankful to Ian, and I highly recommend him to all my friends who need an immigration attorney. You simply can’t go wrong with him.

Somon K. - New York