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Immigration Litigation

Advocating for Our Clients in Court

Whether an individual is facing an unreasonable delay or has received an incorrect decision, there are times when a lawsuit is the best option. By suing the government, we take the ultimate decision out of the hands of USCIS, a consulate, or another agency, and instead ask a neutral judge to determine whether the government’s action (or inaction) is legal. We are proud to vigorously fight on behalf of our clients in order to hold the government accountable.

Notable Cases

Lyons v. USCIS, et al., No. 21-cv-3661
New York City, Jan. 10, 2023
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Singh v. USCIS, et al., No. 21-cv-2125
Sacramento, May 25, 2022
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McCullagh v. USCIS, et al., No. 21-cv-1350
New York City, June 30, 2022
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Barker v. USCIS, et al., No. 23-cv-00597
Los Angeles, Sept. 11, 2023
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If you believe that you have been waiting an unreasonable amount of time for the government to act, or if you have received a decision that you believe is wrong, we would be glad to discuss whether litigation is an appropriate next step. Schedule a consultation today.

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