Business Litigation Support

We Will Be Your Advocate and Fight For You!

Scott Legal, P.C. provides counsel to business owners and founders of new enterprises at various stages of development and we can offer you a full range of start-up legal services, including investor agreements, business plans, consultant and independent contractor agreements, and contract development and negotiation.  We also offer due diligence services.  See our Services tab to view a full list of our services.

We realize that at times some individuals and business entities may not want to honor the terms of legal documents and you may need a lawyer to act on your behalf.  If a dispute arises between you and one of your clients or another business entity, we can review your contract, perform legal analysis, and present you with options.  We can negotiate the matter on your behalf and, if required, can represent you for both arbitration and litigation matters in an arbitration tribunal or in federal or state court.  Do not make the mistake of thinking that the legal problem will just go away.  Our trained litigation support lawyers are here to help.