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The Return of Your EB-5 Investment: A Guide for Investors

By April 10, 2024EB-5 Visa
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The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program offers a unique pathway to obtaining a green card in the United States through investment. By channeling funds into a U.S. business that creates at least 10 permanent jobs for American workers, foreign investors can embark on a journey toward permanent residency. However, a common question that arises among EB-5 investors is: “When can I get my investment back?”

Understanding the EB-5 Investment Return Timeline

The EB-5 program stipulates that the investment must be sustained until the business fulfills its job creation requirement of 10 permanent positions for U.S. workers. The timeline for the return of this investment hinges on the date the EB-5 application was filed.

For applications filed before March 15, 2022, the investor is required to maintain their investment throughout the entire two-year conditional residency period. This period commences either on the date the investor’s status adjusts to conditional permanent resident or on the day they enter the U.S. with an EB-5 immigrant visa.

Conversely, for those who filed their Form I-526 on or after March 15, 2022, the requirement is to sustain the investment for two years from the date the full investment amount is infused into the EB-5 business.

Key Considerations for EB-5 Investors

  1. Sustaining the Investment: It’s crucial for investors to understand that sustaining the investment doesn’t merely mean keeping the funds in the business. It involves ensuring that the business is actively working towards or has achieved the required job creation.
  2. Monitoring Progress: Investors should closely monitor the progress of the business venture, ensuring it remains on track to meet the job creation requirements within the stipulated timeframe.
  3. Legal Guidance: Navigating the complexities of the EB-5 program demands expert legal advice. Consulting with an immigration attorney who specializes in EB-5 investments can provide invaluable guidance through the process.


The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program represents a significant commitment, not just financially but also in terms of time and effort. Understanding the nuances of when and how you can expect the return of your investment is crucial for planning your immigration and investment strategy.

For those navigating the complexities of the EB-5 investment pathway, remember that you’re not alone. Our firm offers a wealth of free resources designed to guide you through your immigration journey. Whether you’re seeking clarity on the EB-5 program or have other immigration-related questions, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with us. Our team is here to support you every step of the way.

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