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What to Consider When Purchasing an E-2 Business

By February 27, 2024E-2 Visa
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When venturing into the realm of E-2 businesses, potential investors are often met with a myriad of considerations. Among these, understanding the nuances of employee requirements and the viability of the business stands paramount. This blog post delves into these critical aspects, drawing on insights from the field of business and immigration law.

Employee Requirements for E-2 Businesses

A pivotal factor in the evaluation of an E-2 business purchase is the number of employees within the business. The U.S. immigration framework places a significant emphasis on this aspect, as it reflects the business’s capacity to contribute to the economy. Prospective E-2 business owners should aim for a business that sustains at least three full-time employees or the equivalent thereof. This criterion can also be met through a combination of part-time employees, provided their collective work hours equate to that of three full-time employees. This requirement underscores the importance of a business’s ability to create and sustain employment, a key consideration for E-2 visa approval.

Business Viability: A Cornerstone of Success

Beyond the workforce, the viability of the business emerges as a critical consideration. A viable E-2 business is one that not only exists but thrives enough to support its employees and contribute to the economic landscape. This means that the business should be generating sufficient revenue to maintain its operations and workforce. The financial health of the business is a testament to its potential for success and growth, aspects that immigration officers scrutinize closely. A business that demonstrates profitability, or at least the potential for profitability, is more likely to be viewed favorably in the E-2 visa application process.


In summary, when considering the purchase of an E-2 business, the focus should not solely be on the financial investment but also on the business’s ability to sustain employment and demonstrate viability. These elements are crucial in navigating the E-2 visa application process successfully.

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