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What is I-94 form? How can I get my I-94 form corrected?

By October 20, 2020April 30th, 2021Immigration
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What is I-94 form?

I-94 is a form that is issued to aliens that come to the U.S. (except green card holders) and that governs their lawful stay in the U.S.

Sometimes the period of time you can stay in the U.S. differs from your actual visa stamp and therefore it may be confusing that your visa is valid for a longer period of time than your I-94.

For example, you may be granted an E-2 visa for 5 years, but you will only be granted 2 years in E-2 status every time you enter the U.S. That’s why it is extremely important that you check your I-94 form after each and every entry to the U.S. so you don’t accidentally overstay.

Where can I find my I-94?

You can find your electronic I-94 when you click here.  CBP started implementing the electronic I-94 system in 2013 to increase efficiency, reduce operating costs, and streamline the admission process in the U.S.

Does CBP still issue paper I-94s?

Yes. CBP only issues the electronic I-94s at air or sea ports of entry so if you cross via land border, you should still be issued a paper I-94 (unless you are Canadian visiting the U.S./in transit).

Why is the I-94 form important?

The I-94 form is important as you have to leave the U.S. on or before the “admit until date” on your I-94. If you stay past this date, you will be overstaying your non-immigrant status. The CBP officer will still stamp your passport but you should always check the I-94 as that form governs your status in the U.S.

I see a mistake on my I-94. How can I get it corrected?

Sometimes there can be mistakes on your I-94 and so if you see a mistake (for example, you were admitted under a wrong visa category or you admission date is wrong, you should contact the CBP office through which you entered the U.S.).

Please note that each office has very specific procedure how to contact them and ask for the I-94 correction. For example, some offices require that you send an email, others prefer that you come in person and get it corrected in person.

Can I access my travel history in the U.S. through the I-94 website?

Yes. Our clients often find the I-94 very helpful as they can access their travel history to the U.S. on the I-94 website (for example, when you are applying for a non-immigrant visa you have to list your 5 most recent entries in the DS-160 form).

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