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What is a NOC Code (TEER Code) in Canadian Immigration?

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NOC Code stands for “National Occupational Classification” Code and is a method the Canadian government uses to classify different types of jobs. From November 16, 2022, the new version of the NOC will be used, found here, and will be re-organized into TEER codes, which stands for “Training, Education, Experience, and Responsibilities.”

It is informative to know which NOC (TEER) category your work experience and job offer falls under, because eligibility to certain permanent residency programs is often restricted to certain categories. To do so, an applicant can search by job title here.

Here are some examples of what each NOC (TEER) category roughly corresponds to what type of occupations.

NOC Skill Type 0 (TEER 0)

This category is comprised of senior managerial or executive jobs in various industries. Senior management positions (CEO, COO, CFO) and special middle-management occupations (e.g., Engineering Department Manager, Banking Operations Manager, Restaurant Manager) are included.

NOC Skill Type A (TEER 1)

This category is comprised of professional occupations that usually require a university degree or above, and include doctors, dentists, architects, lawyers, teachers, accountants, professors, scientists, computer engineers, financial investment advisors, management consultants, etc. This skill level also includes creative professionals, such as authors and writers, editors, journalists, conductors, composers, musicians, etc.

NOC Skill Type B (TEER 2 or 3)

This category includes skilled trades, such as chefs, electricians, plumbers, which often require a diploma or certain number of years of apprenticeship training. Also included are technical jobs, such as laboratory technicians, computer network technicians, laboratory technicians, and supervisory jobs, such as retail sales supervisors, logistics supervisors, construction supervisor, etc. Finally, administrative and educational jobs such as administrative officers, administrative and executive assistants, paralegals, social workers, daycare teachers, fitness instructors, are included in this category.

NOC Skill Type C (TEER 4)

This category includes jobs that typically require a high school diploma or occupation-specific training, such as retail salespeople, customer service representatives, home support workers, farm workers, industrial butchers, long-haul truck drivers, freight workers, and food and beverage servers. This category also includes a variety of assistant jobs such as dental assistants, nurse aides, receptionists, library clerks, postal office workers, and machine operators in industrial contexts.

NOC Skill Type D (TEER 5)

This category includes jobs that typically do not require any education or prior training; on-the-job training is usually provided. This includes a variety of support jobs such as cashiers, construction laborers, factory laborers, delivery service drivers, and door-to-door salespeople.

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