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Joint I-751 and N-400 interview: What should I expect?

By February 15, 2023Immigration
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If you have a pending I-751 and N-400 petition, USCIS will most likely conduct a joint interview of these two applications. It’s important to make it clear in your N-400 petition that you already have an I-751 petition pending so the adjudicating officer can be prepared to conduct a joint interview.

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What happens at the interview?

Please note that even if you receive an Interview Notice for the N-400 petition only (but you have an I-751 pending), it’s important that your spouse attends the interview with you. You should make it clear to the adjudicating officer in the beginning of the interview that you have both I-751 and N-400 petitions pending and you would like both of these to be adjudicate.

The officer would adjudicate the I-751 petition first. The officer would usually invite both you and your spouse to the interview and would ask some questions about your relationship and would want to see any updated evidence about the relationship (for example, if you had a child since the I-751 petition was filed, the officer may want to see the child’s birth certificate). The officer would then usually ask you to confirm the information on the I-751 form (e.g. your most recent address) and may ask you some security questions from the I-751 form. If the officer is satisfied with the evidence, he/she would then let you know that they are removing the conditions on your green card.

Your spouse would then be allowed to leave, and the officer would move to the adjudication of the N-400 naturalization petition. The officer would usually ask you again to confirm the information in the N-400 form (e.g. your current employment) and would ask you to confirm you some answers to the security questions from the N-400 form.

The officer would then conduct the naturalization test – the officer will ask you to read a sentence in English, write a sentence he/she will dictate in English, and would then ask you 10 questions for the Civics test (you should study for this test beforehand and you can find resources on the USCIS website).

If you pass the English and Civics test and if the officer is satisfied with the evidence, the officer would let you know whether they are approving the N-400 form. At some USCIS offices, you may be able to attend the oath ceremony on the same day, other offices will schedule your Oath ceremony for a later date (they would send you a letter letting you know when and where you should come to attend the Oath Ceremony). After you attend the ceremony and make the Oath of allegiance, you will receive your naturalization certificate.

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