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What criminal convictions create immigration consequences making a noncitizen inadmissible or deportable? What is a Crime of Moral Turpitude? What is a CIMT?

Criminal convictions that affect a noncitizen include certain convictions that make a noncitizen inadmissible which include offenses considered Crimes involving moral turpitude (“CIMT”).   Criminal convictions that make a noncitizen deportable include CIMTs, aggravated felonies, controlled substance offenses, crimes of domestic…
June 5, 2020
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What is the impact of the Stimulus bill on my Immigration Status? Can I receive a Stimulus Check if I am on a Visa? Is there a Public Charge Impact to receiving a Stimulus Check?

As a result of the unprecedented Corona Virus pandemic, Congress has passed bipartisan economic relief legislation.   The components include stimulus payments to individuals, expanded unemployment benefits and coverage, student loan modifications, changes to retirement rules, help to small businesses, and…
March 31, 2020