What Can You Do When You are Unhappy with your E-2 lawyer? I am Unhappy with my E-2 Lawyer, What Can I Do?

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Finding a good E-2 visa lawyer is difficult and this is especially the case as some law firms will file E-2 visa immigration petitions with little or no experience in the area.  E-2 visas have unique issues and knowledge and experience with those issues is very important to the success of a case.  You can find out more about the E-2 visa by clicking here  Scott Legal, P.C. has worked on over 200 E-2 visa cases and we have seen a wide spectrum of E-2 Visa cases including the following:

As we process more and more E-2 visa cases and receive more and more prospective client contacts, we have found that some are unsatisfied with the firm or lawyer they hired to handle their E-2 case. Some find their current counsel unresponsive and others find their counsel lacks the knowledge to handle the case.  So what can you do when you are unhappy with your E-2 lawyer?  Here are 3 simple steps.

  1. Educate yourself about the E-2 requirements so that you can ask the right questions. An educated Client can ask the right questions and at times, the proper questions can help you evaluate whether the lawyer knows what they are doing.  If you are unhappy with your lawyer’s knowledge, you may want to consider steps 2 or 3.
  2. Explain what you are unhappy about to your lawyer and try to work it out. Starting over with a new lawyer is never ideal so if you can work out the issues with your current lawyer, then you should try to do this. If he/she is not communicating with you, let them know and perhaps this will fix the problem.  If you have other issues with the E-2 lawyer or law firm, set up a meeting to go over what is troubling you.  Conflicts can often be resolved when both parties communicate what is bothering them in a calm rational manner as many disagreements stem from a lack of awareness.
  3. If you cannot work it out with your lawyer, find a new lawyer. We have taken over clients where the client was unhappy with their old lawyer so this is certainly an option.  At the end of the day, only you will know when it is time to cut the cord with the old lawyer.  In most jurisdictions, a lawyer is required to return any unused portion of your retainer and the means of withdrawal should be specified in your engagement letter.

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    Hi Mr Scott my I apply for my visiting visa 5 times now and I have been dinied the last one was because they said they did not see any change in my job salary

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      Thank you for contacting us. We appreciate your business and look forward to helping you. Please find attached a link that you can use to set up a 30 minute ($150) or 1 hour ($250) consultation. The system allows you to select a lawyer and a day and time that is convenient to you. If you end up hiring the firm and your bill is greater than $2,500, we will apply this consultation fee to your final bill. Please reach out if you have any questions.


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