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Our Fees

What Will Our Services Cost

We will always explain our fees to you so you understand what our services will cost before you are committed. We do not believe in surprises.


For services where we can reasonably predict the time to complete a task, we offer a flat fee. This fee will include all legal work performed by our lawyers on your behalf.  These fees do not include any Government imposed filing fees or other out of pocket costs. In some cases we offer a flat fee range where the final amount is based on complexity and time.  In these cases, there is a cap so that you have some assurance regarding the final bill.


For some matters, it is not possible for us to give you a flat fee because it is too difficult for us to predict exactly how long the matter will take us. This is especially the case for matters where we do not control the nature, timing and extent of the work. For example, some litigation are impossible to estimate the amount of work because the opposing party may significantly shorten or lengthen the amount of time required to represent you.  As we cannot control these external factors, for these matters we will charge an hourly rate and also for out of pocket costs such as postage, copies, couriers, etc..  We will attempt to give you an estimate of the costs in these matters but we will also explain that the estimate may vary depending on the nature & scope of the case.  As always, the scope of the engagement and our hourly rates will be clearly explained to you.  Our hourly rates range from $295 per hour for a law clerk to $695  per hour for our senior lawyers.

Set up a consultation to find out more about our services and related fees, or to find out more about our consultation policy click here. For your convenience, we accept major credit cards.