Busy Business Owner?  We Can Serve As Your General In House Counsel

We are here to assist our small and medium sized business clients who want  dedicated general counsel support to help busy business owners make their legal decisions.  If you want someone to work with you and grow your business, reduce your legal risk and spot key issues, you will benefit from our Program.   We tailor this program to your needs and can offer flat fees and various other programs.

We can offer a services based on an hourly rate where we offer a wide range of corporate services that you can see by clicking here. 

We also offer a fixed monthly fee to perform the above services that is based on a fixed amount of time with a commitment for 12 months.

For a fixed fee, we can offer you:

  • Unlimited calls to our office where you can speak to your legal representative
  • Experienced and dedicated General Counsel who are familiar with the needs and objectives of your business.
  • A firm that will identify and bring important issues to your attention
  • A fixed amount of document drafting and other research and legal services per month (each program will vary and your rate and hours will be set at the beginning of the program) This includes a roll over of unused time to the next months.
  • Preferred rates for additional legal work you may need
  • Discounted rates on various drafting of legal documents
  • Ongoing strategy discussions
  • Unlimited one off questions regarding legal topics at no additional charge
  • Maintenance of Corporate Books and Records & Corporate Secretary Functions  (Stock Register, bylaws, etc.)