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How to Obtain a Green Card based on Employment

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The employment based green card categories covered are: EB-1 Extraordinary Ability; EB-2 National Interest Waiver; EB-2/EB-3 (PERM) and EB-5.

Specific topics covered include: What is the labor certification process? What is a PERM? The green card process (adjustment of status and consular processing) Who can pay for green card fees? Dual intent explained; Which visas have dual intent? Considerations when moving from a visa to a green card; Green card interview considerations. What is porting? Can I change employers during the process? Can I change employers after I get my green card?

Participants will also receive free guides for the various visa areas.

The international Entrepreneur Rule Explained

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The International Entrepreneur Rule program was recently restarted in the U.S. This visa option gives entrepreneurs the ability to come to the U.S. for up to 5 years if they meet certain conditions. To receive this immigration benefit, the applicant would have to demonstrate that the entrepreneur and the business would provide a significant public benefit to the United States and that the business has significant potential for rapid growth and job creation.

During the webinar we will review: the requirements of the program; how much investment is required and whether or not you have to personally invest; how to apply; how long does the benefit last; renewal considerations & treatment of family members; application considerations and tips; differences between this program and an E-2 visa; differences between this program and an EB-5 visa; questions and answers.

You will also receive a free guide for each of the areas we discuss.

E-2 Visa Options where the Investment Amount is Low or Risky Cases

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An E-2 visa a visa that is available to investors and entrepreneurs who want to live and work in the U.S. Many mistake this visa with the “million dollar” EB-5 green card, but this visa is available with investment amounts that are much lower. This webinar will summarize the E-2 visa requirements with an emphasis on investment amounts that are less than $100,000 and other risky cases.

The seminar will cover: E-2 Visa requirements explained; Who can apply for an E-2 Visa; How long does an E-2 visa last for; How much investment is enough; What are some strategies to deal with a low dollar amount; What are some common E-2 visa expenditures; What are “good” v “bad” expenditures; What are some common challenges and tips for consulting business; E-2 Visa challenges for real estate investments; E-2 Visa for equity trading companies; E-2 Visa adjudication trends and hot topics; Some issues and complex areas that come up with E-2 visas.

You will also receive a free E-2 visa guide.

E-2 Visa Investor Requirements and Renewal Considerations

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The E-2 visa is a perfect visa for those who want to purchase or start a business. This webinar will go over the E-2 visa requirements and also helpful hints to increase the chance of success.

The E-2 visa rules and regulations are complicated but this webinar will simplify them. After the webinar you will understand how much investment is enough, employee requirements, where to apply, when you should apply, Business Plan considerations, E-2 visa developments and adjudication trends (including the impact of the Biden Administration on E-2 visas and Covid 19 considerations), issues and complex areas that come up with E-2 visas, common reasons for E-2 visa denials, and what it takes to renew an E-2 visa.

Our expert panel will also leave time for questions and answers. Attendees will also receive a free E-2 visa guide after the seminar.