One McPassport with a Side Order of Fries to Go, Please!

By May 28, 2019December 2nd, 2020Immigration
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In lighthearted and joyous news today, the U.S. Embassy in Vienna has announced on Facebook that the U.S. Ambassador to Austria, Trevor Traina, signed a McAgreement with the McDonald’s chain in Austria.  The agreement stated that any American citizens in Austria who are “in distress” or those who have lost their passports can contact one of Austria’s 194 McDonald’s McRestaurants for assistance. No actual applications or procedures will be processed in the McDonald’s, restaurant staff have been only given the task of helping Americans get in touch with the Embassy.

This service is not in lieu of the staffed Embassy. The Embassy will remain fully staffed and the McPartnership is meant to serve as an extra one Americans abroad can contact the embassy in case of an emergency. As a serious aside, this is a convenient and useful option for Americans abroad. There is only one U.S. Embassy in Austria located in Vienna, compared to the 194 McDonald’s restaurants located all around the country. Not everyone in the country can get there in a hurry, many can even face danger should they try to contact the Embassy in any way. This offers a fast and discrete way of contacting the Embassy.

We also look forward to the day that Americans can get apply for a birth certificate at a Starbucks in Prague.

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