E-2 Visa Approval at U.S. Consulate in Paris for Manufacturing & Distribution Company

Scott Legal, P.C. just received approval for an E-2 visa at the U.S. Consulate in Paris.  The company set up operations in the U.S. and acted as the primary investor.  Once the company was set up, the French company used the employee E-2 visa to transfer one of their key managers to run the operations.


Our client provided the following testimonial!

“I cannot recommend Mr. Scott’s services enough. Our company was looking to open a subsidiary in the United States, and Mr. Scott guided us through every step, from company creation to obtaining of an E2 visa. Mr. Scott was extremely knowledgeable and responsive. As a lawyer myself, I was truly impressed by the quality of his services. Our visa file was so complete and well organized that on the day of my interview the immigration officer only talked to me for a few minutes before granting my visa for 5 years (the maximum period allowed for an E2 visa). I highly recommend Mr. Scott’s services to any foreign entrepreneur looking to set up a business in the United States.”

Turn to Scott Legal, P.C. for your E-2 and other immigration needs.  You can contact us at info@legalservicesincorporated.com or call us at 212.223-2964.


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